Thread - Top Chains Check-List / Update June 9

Here is the list of every task you should be doing on all the coming chains including Linea, Taiko, Base, Zeta, Scroll, and others

⭕️ Dont Farm Airdrops

⭕️ Taiko Alpha-3 Mission.

🔸 Claim Test tokens

🔸 Bridge to Taiko and Claim the tokens

🔸 Bridge some tokens back to Sepolia

🔸 Repeat the steps

⭕️ Base

🔸Mint NFTs




🔸Swap/Bridge ON Hop, Odos, Woofi

🔸 Buy Insiders NFT

⭕️ ZetaChain

🔸 Claim Guild Pin

🔸 Claim Galxe NFTs

🔸 Claim ZetaChain × zkMe

🔸 Zeta cross-chain girlfriend NFT

Faucet here

🔸 Swap Bridge

⭕️ Scroll

🔸 Bridge/Swap & Use Dapp on Scroll

Symbiosis, Syncswap, Orbiter etc.

🔸 L3 Quests

🔸 Guild

🔸 Mint and Play

🔸 Buy Insiders NFT

⭕️ Mantle

🔸 Use the following Dapp

🔸 You like gaming?

🔸 Buy #1 NFT collection on Mantle

⭕️ Optimism

Airdrop #3 is around the corner, stay active on the chain and use the app and ecosystem when you get a chance/ L3 tasks is always a good way


⭕️ Venom

🔸New task added

⭕️ Linea

Mainnet is coming June13 and to increase your chance of getting future airdrop is to interact with all the dapps and do the campaign tasks

🔸 Bridge Swap using Hop, Mes protocol etc..

🔸 Buy and Sell NFTs

🔸 Galxe

⭕️ StarkNet

Keep doing the Argent and Braavos Tasks

🔸 Use Briq

to BUILD and MINT a briq set

🔸 Braavos 4th NFT

🔸 Use dapps

⭕️ Want to see, do and follow tasks as they go live and be early users on many chains and products!

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⭕️ Socials


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